Top Indian Food That You Have To Try

Many people much not too interested or familiar with Indian food. It’s pretty much common because not all of Asian foods are popular in the world. Some of them are not too popular, but it’s actually taste really great and even better than most of food that I tried before. People are too common with many foods from Japan or Korea until they forget that many countries such as India and Indonesia are also having their own unique taste. I traveled to the Mumbai few months ago and I tried so many great foods there. I am going to show what kind of foods that I taste there.

Butter Chicken

This is the first food that I really want to try. I browsed some facts about it and give my recommendation for it. The mixes of spices with the chicken that have been poured with some yogurt really taste great. It served really special with additional butter and cream on the top of it.

Kakori Kebab

First I thought it would be similar to what I taste on Turkey, but it’s totally really different because it doesn’t look like bread, but they cooked with sauces and slices of lamb. The taste is sweet and the vegetables inside are mixed together to make an unique taste in my mouth.


The food itself is looked like steamy rice, but they add some local ingredient and it taste very spicy and I very much love it. I love spicy food and I suggest it to you if you want to taste some spicy food with rice. This could be your recommendation for its great taste.


Dhokla is steamy cake that made from combination of channa and flour. Their original taste mixed with the modern taste and it doesn’t feel bad at all. They combined it nicely with such a great flavor.

For me it’s such a great experience where I can taste difference of food. I spent most of time there in exploring their culinary and I have to say that India is a really great place for culinary traveling. I only visited some of their cities, but every city should having their own local food and it is different each other. Some of them are great with spicy food, sweet food, dessert and many other things. If you have any time to visit India, then you should try their local food.

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