Disadvantages Of Using Offsite Smoker

I have heard so many good recommendations from of my friends to buy an offset smoker. But, I have still not able to keep my mind on it because of some reasons. I used to have an offset smoker in the past and I end up selling it at that time because I need money to spend. The price for this machine is actually not that cheap. Other smokers such as propane could even cheaper and having more feature. If people want to buy it and they really have to think it twice.

Based on my experience, I am going to show you some disadvantages of using an offsite smoker. I do not say the product is bad or you should not buy it, but there are so many people who still do not know much about it and they just buy it. Beside than having so many great advantages, it also has some disadvantages that you have to know. You cannot just simply miss thing because it is going to be very important for you. To make you sure if you are going to get it or not, here are some disadvantages that you are going to get from using it.

Bad Product

This kind of smoker is becoming such a popular product right now because of many reasons. This thing is really great for the companies since they are getting more money from people for their product, but it is actually bad for the consumer. Now there are so many companies are selling of their bad product, but they put it on such high price. The market right now is flooding by this kind of product. Do not expect that your product would last longer since it is harder to pick it now. Only company who has such a good name who still has this great build quality, this case is also a problem since big company always put their product on big price. You are going to find some components such as rust on the material, harder to control the temperature and some breaks on it. You even need to assembly the product when it’s coming to your house. It is tough and you should be careful on choosing it.

High Price

Never imagine that you are going to get the product for under 200 dollars because that is not going to happen. They put their products on such a high price because of some reasons. The size is probably considerably as the main reason. The product is really big and you could put fit so many things on it. No reason to cook it separately since you could do it all once. This is makes the price fly higher and the company cannot make it not happen. The product usually cost for more than 200 dollars as the minimum, but that is not the good one since you are going to miss some things. Any good product usually cost for more than 1000 dollars as a good one. The custom made built could even go higher depending on the feature and components.


It is almost similar to what experience on using charcoal smoker. It takes time to preheat the smoker and could take even for more than 40 minutes to get the stable fire. You cannot just use it as soon as you want since it is not possible. The preheating process is really important for a smoker who needs wood as their fuel. The meat or food would not be cooked completely if you do not do this process. Later, you also have to check the fire frequently since it could go higher or lower all the time. If you want to use it and then just leave it to do your work, then it is not going to be possible.


The product is really that heavy even for the smallest one. This kind of smoker is really suitable if its place on your yard without needed to move it. it is going to be tough to move it even though it has wheels since the weight is more than 100 hundreds pounds. I used to have this one and we need at least three adults to easily move it. Imagine when it is raining, I ever got this situation and we end up all the wet on moving it. I really recommend using electrical smoker if you are looking a lightweight one.


The performance is going to be the number one problem here. First, you are not going able to use it on the rainy days because the wood is going to be wet and your smoker is also going to be wet because it is not covered. Second, using it on the windy weather is pretty tough since the fire could go bigger without you know. It is hard to be controlled on this situation. Third, using it on the cold weather is also not possible because of the temperature issue. You could move it inside your house, but it is not going to be issue since you have to free your space and not easy to be moved.


Like I said before, basically offset smoker is not really recommended to be used indoor. You have to put it on your yard and that is the only choice. You are going to get serious problem if you put it in your house because of the spaces and smoke issue. I could not just imagine how to do it.

Final Thought

That is all of information that you have you know. I am sure that now you have some consideration to think before you have planning to buy it. I personally not prefer to use this one and love to use a portable smoker because of its portability. There are lot of things that need to be considered on buying this machine and you have to think it carefully. Thank you for seeing this article and I hope it would be helpful on you.

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